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Clearly there was no other Rorschach": Oscar Nominee Jackie Earle Haley Shot Rorschach Audition on Shoestring Budget With a Halloween Mask for Zack Snyder's Watchmen

Mar 06, 2023

bySharanya SankarJune 6, 2023, 1:29 pm

In 2009, Zack Snyder directed the critically acclaimed superhero film Watchmen based on the 1986-87 DC comic series of the same name. The film stood apart for its unique aesthetic and its dark deconstruction of a dystopian superhero universe. It is set during the time of the Cold War in the year 1985 and follows the story of a group of mostly retired superheroes who investigate a murder of one of their own while also walking the fine line between morality and villainy.

One of the key characters who brought a unique brand of antagonism to the narrative was Rorschach, the sociopathic vigilante who leaves a trail of death where ever he goes. Rorschach's persona was also heightened by his distinctive masked appearance. In the film, the role was portrayed by former child actor and Oscar nominee Jackie Earle Haley whose audition for the part is a story to remember.

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Former child actor Jackie Earle Haley has been a mainstay in Hollywood for many years, having earned an Oscar nomination for his role in Little Children. The star's prominent role came when Zack Snyder cast him for the key role of Rorschach in Watchmen. Haley, in an interview, had admitted that he was already dreaming of the part after he was hooked to the graphic novel. When his name started doing the rounds as one of the probables, Haley decided to grab the bull by its horns with an inventive plan to nail the audition despite having minimal means.

"I did make my own little cheesy Halloween Rorschach outfit. Dude, I just swear, it was Halloweeny . . . but I did what I could on my little shoestring audition tape budget"

Haley's creativity impressed Zack Snyder so much that the director immediately made the decision to cast the Little Children actor for the role. Snyder heaped praise on Haley saying,

"All of it was shot in the living room and the kitchen of his house. Very low-tech but awesomely acted. Clearly there was no other Rorschach."

Clearly Jackie Earle Haley's efforts paid off with the star's performance being lauded by critics and fans alike, proving that comebacks were indeed possible.

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Before his marquee role in Watchmen, Jackie Earle Haley had many commercially successful films under his belt, the notable among them being All the King's Men and Little Children. But the journey from being a child actor to an movie star was not an easy one for Haley. After gaining popularity as a teenager in movies like 1976's Bad News Bears and 1979's Breaking Away, the actor hit a roadblock with signing films as an adult.

With destiny branding him as another child actor who did not make it big, the star stepped down to work as a pizza delivery man while also directing small time videos to make the extra buck. It was during his honeymoon that Lady Luck struck when director Steven Zaillian contacted him to be a part of All The King's Men. Expressing his gratitude for another chance at doing what he loves, Haley said,

"Dude, I’m still behind myself to even think of this because it seemed so impossible for me to get back into this business. And for that door to have opened up . . . Wow, I’ll be eternally grateful for that."

The star went on to add that his positive and negative experiences in the entertainment business gave him the wisdom to take both success and failure in his stride and become a better actor.

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