Where to buy N95 and KN95 face masks, available for purchase now
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Where to buy N95 and KN95 face masks, available for purchase now

May 17, 2023

BNX N95 Particulate Respirator Protective Face Mask, available on Amazon

You may have noticed the number of cases of COVID-19 are again on the rise which may have you considering pulling out those masks to offer protection against the virus.

And chances are, we all know by now the cloth masks just don't offer the same level of protection as an N95 respirator mask, which is widely considered the best option for filtering airborne particles.

As PennLive's Deb Kiner previously explained, an N95 respirator mask fits more tightly around the face in order to keep air out from entering around the edges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) further details on their website that N95 masks labelled as "surgical" are recommended, although feel free to go ahead and buy disposable ones as well.

Now is the time for everyone to refresh themselves on the basics of Covid-19 prevention, which, according to the CDC, includes getting vaccinated (and boosted), social distancing, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated indoor areas, regular hand washing, and, of course, wearing a mask indoors or in areas of high transmission -- even if you are vaccinated.

N95 and KN95 medical masks offer the best protection from the virus, according to the FDA. These masks filter out up to 95% of aerosol particulates, with the primary difference being that KN95 masks are considered the foreign equivalent of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-approved N95 masks.

Because of the NIOSH approval, N95 masks tend to be more expensive than the KN95 masks. But if you can find the N95 masks, you have the added assurance that they have been vetted by a U.S. agency.

For those considering masking up again, we’ve compiled a list of the different N95 and KN95 masks available and where you can find them.




Bona Fide Masks

N95 Mask Co

Well Before

At wellbefore.com, shoppers can buy masks individually or in larger quantities. The company also sells masks specifically for children.

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