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Protect Yourself From the Wildfire

Nov 13, 2023

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They’re an EPA-recommended style.

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Blade Runner 2049 is one of my favorite movies of the last decade. Every part of it is perfect, including the cinematography depicting parts of Earth as a barren wasteland covered in a smog of red dust that makes it look like Mars. Unfortunately, if you’re on the East Coast of the United States, the world actually looks like that dystopia; smoke from the Canadian wildfires has floated downward, causing intensely unhealthy air quality.

For your own health and protection, people in the most affected areas (like New York) are being told to stay inside if possible and wear face masks if not. The same face masks that were imperative at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic are once again a great tool for keeping yourself healthy. If you need a restock, I recommend purchasing bundles of these EPA-recommended KN95 masks from Evolvetogether.


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Evolvetogether has two variations of its KN95 mask: one that's biodegradable and one that isn't. The former comes in packs of 10 and the latter, in packs of five. The regular masks are made with six-ply hypoallergenic fabric that includes two filters, a water-resistant exterior, and a moisture-wicking interior lining. The biodegradable ones are five-ply, but otherwise are nearly identical.

You may recall Evolvetogether's signature facemasks from the height of the pandemic. The disposable masks are solid-colored and plain, save for coordinates of the places each style is named after. Their popularity is due in equal parts to their affordability ($1–$4 per mask) and the fact that the brand's celebrity fanbase is a mile long. The list includes Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, Kristen Stewart, Hailey Bieber, and many more.

Evolvetogether's KN95 masks are in stock in five colors, including three regular and two biodegradable. Right now, you’ll also receive free shipping with orders over $29, down from its usual $50 minimum. To qualify for free shipping, you’ll simply need to purchase two regular five-packs of the KN95 masks or one biodegradable 10-pack. Head to Evolvetogether to shop these while they’re still in stock.


Shop now: $38;

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