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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Jul 23, 2023

Take on the Scorching Coliseum and fight for one of Tears of the Kingdom's best armor pieces.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features several pieces of equipment that, on their own, can make a significant difference in Link's overall experience. The Sand and Snow Boots, for example, completely alter the way Link is able to traverse difficult terrain throughout Hyrule. While there are several other examples of this in Tears of the Kingdom, there are some that deserve Link's attention as early as possible. One of the most useful examples of this is Zant's Helmet.

Zant's Helmet is a powerful piece of head armor that completely nullifies the freezing effects of any elemental attack on Link. The attacks can still cause physical harm, of course, but Link can no longer be turned into a living ice cube. Given the sheer volume of enemies with the freezing capability, this makes Zant's Helmet one of the most useful items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This guide will explain every step Link must take to get his hands on this one-of-a-kind item.

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To get Zant's Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom, Link must make his way to the Scorching Coliseum in the Depths beneath Hyrule. While there are multiple ways to reach the coliseum, the easiest will be to head east of Death Mountain and head into the Depths from Skull Lake Chasm (3250, 3426, -0022)

The first time Link descends into the Depths through the Skull Lake Chasm, he will find himself in the Akkala House of Bones. Here, he will face several gloom-enhanced enemies, including a Stalnox. Make sure to bring plenty of gloom-resistant meals, which are best made with the Sundelions found on Sky Islands and near fallen ruins.

From the Akkala House of Bones, Link will see a single breakable wall. Break through that to enter a tunnel which will lead into the open Depths. If this is the first time in the area, Link can drop directly down from the exit of the tunnel to find the Sikutamak Lightroot (3431, 3357, -0520).

If Link is heading into completely dark territory, he can give himself a destination by placing a waypoint in between the two lizard-shaped pools behind Death Mountain on the surface map. See the above image for the exact location, as Scorching Coliseum is directly under this point. Link can then head west towards that waypoint.

As Link gets closer to the area beneath Death Mountain, the heat will become unbearable. Link will need either some kind of protection, either armor-based or through an elixir. Fireproof Lizards can be found throughout the Eldin region, which are the base for the Fireproof Elixir. Link can also get his hands on the Flamebreaker Armor in Goron City, which will provide long-term protection. This danger extends to weapons and shields, as any wood-based item will catch fire in this region.

The Scorching Coliseum itself is found at 2205, 3313, -0843. To begin the challenge that will win Link Zant's Helmet, simply walk in the Coliseum's front entrance. Inside he will see a chest with red flames, just like the Akkala House of Bones. Make sure Link is completely prepared before entering the ring.

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In the coliseum, Link will only need a single Fireproof item. If he has upgraded any piece of the Flamerbreaker armor at one of Tears of the Kingdom's Great Faires, then that would be a wise option. Otherwise, he can wear his best armor and bring at least two level-one Fireproof elixirs.

Upon entering, If Link uses a Brightbloom seed to spread light in the coliseum, he'll notice five separate gated areas lining the coliseum walls. These gates will open one at a time, after the occupants of the previous cage have been defeated. To begin the fight, approach the chest in the center.

Anytime before or during the fight, make sure to use the enhancements provided by meals. Link can become incredibly powerful when eating a meal made with any type of 'Mighty' ingredient or Razorshrooms. Or, if Link has a low defense number, use 'Armored' fish or Ironshrooms to create a defense-boosting meal. The more of an ingredient Link uses, the higher the boost will be. Remember, however, that Link can have one effect activate a time. A new effect will cancel-out the current effect, so make sure to check before eating.

The first two rounds are relatively simple, as long as Link stays patient. Usually basic and blue Moblins pose very little threat to Link, but here he must make sure to avoid attacks at all costs. Any hit from a Gloom-enhanced enemy will lower Link's maximum health, so make sure to use just as much caution when defending against these early enemies. If Link should lose hearts, use the 'Sunny' meals to reverse the effect of Gloom.

During the next three rounds, Link will have to deal with significantly higher damage output. If Link has access to any of Tears of the Kingdom's Sages, make sure to summon them if they are not already. The abilities they offer, like Prince Sidon's Water Wall, can come in handy here, especially in the final round when Link can be easily overwhelmed by four enemies.

If Link is going it alone, the final round will be the biggest challenge. Use the bow to quickly take out the weaker two enemies as they approach, then try using elemental arrows to incapacitate one of the remaining two. Ice arrows can be made with Ice Fruit, and are particularly effective in this strategy. Link can find Ice Fruit growing in the snowy regions of Hyrule, like Hebra in the northwest. Look for Bokoblin outposts, as the basket-carrying variant will often drop several at once.

When the fight is complete, Link will have access to the chest at the center of the room. This is where Zant's Helmet is found. Link can now take on any frost-wielding enemy without the fear of being frozen.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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