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Best face masks deals on Amazon to bulk

May 27, 2023

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Four weeks from the solstice. Two weeks from Halloween. Just in time for cold and flu season.

Yes, yes, fall is great and all. Outside, the air is crisp, and the leaves are changing. But inside, you might catch a nasty cold or COVID (yes, still) from the coworker in the cubicle around the corner.

With the FDA recently authorizing the updated Omicrom booster for many ages and the CDC predicting a rise in cases, it only makes sense that COVID is back in the news and work-related discussions.

Luckily, for those trying to make it to the holidays without a headache, we interviewed doctors and experts on the market's most reliable, versatile face masks.

Now, just in time for sniffles season, we’ve dug into Amazon to find the best deals on their recommendations (along with a few others), which should get you to your Halloween party without a headache.

Remember: you want to scare your guests with your costume, not your cold. If you’re wondering if that cough you have is COVID-related, we also found some reliable at-home COVID test kits.

Because it's always good to stock up, we’ve prioritized disposable, bulk-buy face masks on our list. With a few extra on hand, you’ll have enough to give to Trick-or-Treaters!

In August, Dr. Karen Jubaynik, an associate professor of Emergency Medicine at Yale University, said about WWDOLL face masks: "This KN95 [mask] is reasonably priced but more expensive than many other disposables. It has five layers. It adjusts well to most face shapes and sizes [and] it's foldable, so [it can fit in] your pocket." It's as true now as it was then.

Get your bang for your buck with this pack of 60 KN95 masks from BLScode. At this $22 price point, that comes out to under .40 cents per mask. The kicker: they’re high quality. BLScode boasts a 5-layer filtration system with a 95% efficacy rate. We like those odds.

When we asked our experts back in August about the versatility of WeCare masks, Dr. Karen Jubaynik said: "WeCare masks are latex-free, adjustable, and are individually wrapped, which is particularly good if you are going to be traveling or out and about and want to make sure you always have a fresh, clean mask at all times."

evolvetogether masks may have the highest price point of any set on this list, but for our experts, the cost matches the quality. Dr. Ravina Kuller, an infectious disease specialist, had this to say: "[They’re] FDA-registered, meet strict guidelines for filtration [and have] splash resistance. [The] design has an inner layer that filters bacteria along with an interior made from moisture-absorbing material for mouths and lips. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and latex-free."

For those interested in giving their kids the extra protection that 3-ply cloth masks can't, LEVENIS has a low-cost solution. This 50-pack of colorful kids KN95 masks is perfect for kiddos more prone to fall coughs and colds.

Dr. Kuller was also a fan of these cartoon-printed children's masks. "They come in several different colors and animal [designs]," she said. "They are breathable, fit well on kids, and are affordable." We concur!

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